Attribute Limits:
  • Darkvision: Dwarves ignore up to four points of darkness penalties (see page 122)
  • Size: Dwarves cannot wear armor or clothing designed for normal humans or elves—it must be tailored to their squat form

Uthorion’s rampage through the Land Between devastated the hardy dwarves. Fell beasts and dark magic ravaged their armies and collapsed their cities.

The most veteran dwarven warriors died in furious last stands to allow the younger heroes to lead the survivors to the surface, retreating in humiliation before the unstoppable onslaught.

The remaining dwarves sheltered their injured and children in conclaves around Aysle and pledged a grim quest. They formed the Order of the Dragon and vowed to destroy Uthorion, his lieutenants, and all those who served him. Every last one. They would have their vengeance.

Dwarves of Aysle have a grim and cynical sense of humor, laced with the inevitability of their own demise—which most hope will be a literal blaze of glory.

Dwarven males wear long beards. Once they took great pride in their grooming and intricate braiding, but most in the Order of the Dragon now go shaggy until the shame of their defeat is avenged. Female dwarves do the same with their hair, forgoing their braids until they’ve reclaimed their pride.

Most dwarves of Aysle wear masks or closed helms to hide the pain of their loss. In happier times, their armor was replete with intricate designs depicting the greatest of their legends and history. Now their armor is almost exclusively decorated with images of fierce dragons, spikes, weapons, and skulls.

Dwarves can live to be 800 years old.

From Core Rules