Attribute Limits:
  • Natural Weapons: Edeinos have natural claws and teeth that cause Strength +2 damage in unarmed combat
  • Outsiders: Edeinos are outsiders to everyone but other edeinos. They subtract 4 from persuasion tests with non-edeinos, and are often treated with hostility by humans from other realms

The lizard men of the Living Land are fierce and savage warriors. They must be, for they dwell in a brutal environment of carnivorous plants, hostile creatures, and giant creatures hungry for their flesh.

They also have an innate and overwhelming sense of wonder. Their world is a stunning collection of titanic arches, towering cliffs, dense jungles, and great rolling plains covered by a staggering variety of creatures—and they are never jaded by its astounding beauty.

Edeinos are a paradoxical species, bringing death to their foes while serving Lanala, a goddess of life. They see no contradiction in their religion, Keta Kalles. Death begets life. Decay seeds the soil which brings forth new growth. This is the natural order of things, and it is the job of the faithful —jakkats— to savor every moment, every view, and every sensation granted to them by their existence before it ends.

Tribes of edeinos are led in their beliefs by a priest of life called an optant. Optants heal and preach the way of Lanala.

The priest of the dead is called a gotak. It is his job to handle dead things, complete unpleasant tasks other jakkats don’t want to do, and perform certain rituals the optants deem unfavorable to Lanala. Gotaks essentially take on the sin of the tribe. They are shunned but honored and revered for their sacrifice.

The Clans

Edeinos player characters come from one of three major clans:

The Ghost Tribe wears leather of smoky gray and hides in the Deep Mist. They are excellent scouts and prefer to strike with stealth, ambush, or surprise. Ghost Tribe edeinos are extremely curious about the alien wonders Lanala has deposited throughout the realm. They believe this is some message or sign from the goddess, though they have not yet figured out its intent.

Members of the Gold Sun Tribe are more accepting of the earth’s bounties, evidenced by the gems and jewelry with which they decorate their clothes and armor. The Gold Sun’s leader, Zakralikosh, openly encourages some of his members to venture out into the new world and learn what they can of its wonders, its people, and its treasures!

Redjaws are the servants of Baruk Kaah, and the most numerous of all edeinos. They tattoo patterns of red ink on their faces, which give them their name. Player character Redjaws have revolted or left the service of their High Lord, perhaps to aid the humans he is wrongfully killing, or perhaps because they are simply curious about the world of Core Earth.

Edeinos grow quickly, from hatchling to adult in less than six years. It is rare for an edeinos to survive beyond its 30s given their harsh and savage land, but a rare few seem to have lived with Lanala for well over a century.

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